Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List In India

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Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List and Available Accessories This price list is applicable only for Hero Electric Eddy scooter. Hero Electric Eddy scooter Body Parts, Hero Electric Eddy scooter inner parts and Accessories are available in this price list.

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Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List In India

Nowadays, electric scooters are increasing very fast in the market, due to which there is a problem in their maintenance, because it is easy to sell the scooter, but it is difficult for the company and us to maintain it, that is why sometimes it happens that the parts. It becomes difficult to get and we don’t even know how much these parts cost.

Because there is so much variety available in the market that we get confused as to what will be the price of its parts. In case of any problem, we have brought here, we will give you information about all the spare parts and upcoming parts of hero electric vehicle scooter. You will not be able to purchase on time, for now you can find the price list here.

Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List In India
Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List In India

It is also important to know the price of Hero Electric Eddy all parts. There is a lot of fraud going on in the hero Electric Eddy parts market, so it is important for you to know the rate of hero electric eddy electric scooter in advance.

hero electric eddy All parts price list!

In the given hero electric eddy all parts excel sheet, you will be able to see all the important hero electric eddy electric scooter spare parts!

Battery ₹ 66,521.85
Charger Sub-assembly_mbom ₹ 61,028.13
Gen 1.5 Battery ₹ 52,047.12
Motor ₹ 30,141.63
7"Display ₹ 18,837.81
Portable Charger ₹ 12,755.22
Brake Sub-assembly_mbom ₹ 6,260.31
Headstock ₹ 5,355.35
Floor Side Cover Lh_bk ₹ 5,002.30
Fairing Lh_bk ₹ 4,604.01
Tail Panel Lh_bk ₹ 4,481.52
Front Fork Sub-assembly_mbom Gen 1.5 ₹ 4,341.64
Secondary Belt ₹ 3,971.18
Primary Belt ₹ 3,207.75
4g Dongle Cable Retrofit ₹ 3,008.78
Fairing Lh-black ₹ 2,621.21
Fairing Lh_bk ₹ 2,620.92
Floor Side Cover,lh -black ₹ 2,486.66
Panel,tail Side,rh ₹ 2,218.86
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly_bk ₹ 2,180.75
Panel,tail Side,lh ₹ 1,917.10
Panel,tail Side,rh ₹ 1,917.10
Throttle ₹ 1,879.21
Side Stand Sub-assembly_mbom ₹ 1,861.11
Master Cylinder Lh ₹ 1,707.47
Main Link_sidestand ₹ 1,623.83
Fender Rear Bottom ₹ 1,575.29
Floating Panel Lh-black ₹ 1,533.04
Floating Panel Lh_bk ₹ 1,532.75
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly_fb ₹ 1,510.83
Throttle ₹ 1,467.72
Fairing Lh ₹ 1,435.06
Fairing Rh ₹ 1,435.06
Fairingrh ₹ 1,435.06
Fairing Lh ₹ 1,435.06
Fairingrh ₹ 1,435.06
Seat Assembly_mbom ₹ 1,353.42
Ftsl Rh ₹ 1,348.09
Grab Handle ₹ 1,298.58
Ftsl Lh ₹ 1,201.17
Ftsl Lh ₹ 1,201.17
Fender Rear Top ₹ 1,197.70
Floor Side Panel Lh ₹ 1,173.80
Floor Side Panel Rh ₹ 1,173.80
Floor Side Panel Rh ₹ 1,173.80
Front Shroud Visor S/a - Flat Black ₹ 1,141.00
Front Wheel With Stantions S/a Gen 1.5 ₹ 1,085.56
Floating Panel Lh ₹ 1,043.16
Float Panel Rh ₹ 1,043.16
Floating Panel,rh ₹ 1,043.16
Floating Panel,lh ₹ 1,043.16
Floating Panel,rh ₹ 1,043.16
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly ₹ 990.91
Floor Side Cover,rh ₹ 916.61
Floor Side Cover,lh ₹ 916.61
Headstock Cover Sub-assembly_mbom ₹ 881.18
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly _mbom ₹ 773.73
Indicator Switch ₹ 763.53
Rear View Mirror Rh Gen 3 ₹ 688.46
Rear View Mirror Lh Gen 3 ₹ 688.36
Front_fender ₹ 686.99
Rearview Mirror Assembly Lh ₹ 686.95
Rearview Mirror Assembly,rh ₹ 651.27
Rearview Mirror Assembly,rh ₹ 651.27
Side Stand Main Link ₹ 409.60
Start Switch Assembly ₹ 390.00
Wheel Well ₹ 359.95
Switch Assembly Horn ₹ 330.85
Cap Floor Side Cover Lh And Rh_bk ₹ 292.77
Brake Pad Kit ₹ 292.15
Cap,floor Side Cover,rh ₹ 288.11
Grip Lh ₹ 259.37
Cap,floor Side Cover,rh ₹ 246.30
Floor Board ₹ 246.30
Cap,floor Side Cover,lh ₹ 246.30
Switch Assembly Brake Lh ₹ 242.17
Griphandlelh ₹ 238.96
Switch Assembly Brake Rh ₹ 210.34
Clipon_assembly Rh ₹ 191.44
Clipon_assembly Lh ₹ 170.54
Floor Board Foam Center ₹ 160.68
Lever Kit ₹ 143.10
Brake Lever ₹ 143.10
Brake Lever Lh ₹ 141.80
Brake Lever Rh ₹ 141.80
Brake Lever Rh ₹ 141.80
S450 Logo Lh ₹ 88.42
S450 Logo Rh ₹ 82.40
S450 Logo Lh ₹ 82.40
Sticker Floatin Panel Lh Ce ₹ 66.75
Seat Lock ₹ 35.99

If any part is missing in the given hero electric eddy list, you can find it through comments of our hero electric eddy Electric scooter spare parts page.

hero electric eddy Parts Catalog PDF!

Download The hero electric eddy all parts catalog here- This hero electric eddy electric Scooter parts process is completely free!

Hero Electric Eddy All Parts Price List In India Download Free Pdf

Hero electric eddy Spare parts are not shown in the above price list, you can check them by directly visiting the official website of hero electric eddy, click on the given link:- Hero electric eddy Official Site.

Disclaimer:- If any mistake is found in the hero electric eddy all parts information given by our page, we do not take any responsibility for the same as this hero eddy Electric Scooter Spare Parts price list keeps changing from time to time, so if you want See new price. So for that you have to visit the official website of hero eddy scooter!

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