Okinawa Lite Parts Price List in india

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Okinawa Lite Parts Price List and Available Accessories This price list is applicable only for Electric Okinawa Lite . Okinawa Lite scooter Body Parts, Lite scooter inner parts and Accessories are available in this price list.

Okinawa Lite Parts Price List in india
Okinawa Lite Parts Price List in india

It is also important to know the price of Okinawa Lite parts. There is a lot of fraud going on in the Okinawa Lite parts market, so it is important for you to know the rate of Okinawa Lite electric scooter in advance.

Okinawa Lite parts price list!

In the given Okinawa Lite all parts excel sheet, you will be able to see all the important Okinawa Lite scooter spare parts!

Okinawa Lite Parts Price List in india PRICE Our
Rearview Mirror Assembly Lh755.698706578.898706
Ftsl Lh1253.8395231077.039523
Wheel Well438.9354824262.1354824
Clipon_assembly Rh275.689716298.88971623
Clipon_assembly Lh255.442179378.64217934
Gen 1.5 Battery50509.5123750332.71237
Floor Board Foam Center245.891827569.09182747
Seat Lock125.0986606-51.70133939
Charger Sub-assembly_mbom59209.6258859032.82588
Brake Sub-assembly_mbom6154.7518735977.951873
Front Fork Sub-assembly_mbom Gen 1.54296.091264119.29126
Front Wheel With Stantions S/a Gen 1.51141.845335965.0453349
Floating Panel,lh1100.776844923.9768445
Floating Panel,rh1100.776844923.9768445
Fairing Lh1480.4181611303.618161
Headstock Cover Sub-assembly_mbom943.8584336767.0584336
Lever Kit228.867287252.06728717
Side Stand Sub-assembly_mbom1893.1396821716.339682
Cap,floor Side Cover,lh328.8395006152.0395006
Floor Side Cover,rh978.184336801.384336
Floor Side Cover,lh978.184336801.384336
Seat Assembly_mbom1401.326221224.52622
Panel,tail Side,lh1947.3769811770.576981
Panel,tail Side,rh1947.3769811770.576981
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly _mbom839.7734393662.9734393
Floor Side Cover,lh -black2499.1223612322.322361
Cap,floor Side Cover,rh369.3345743192.5345743
Fairing Lh-black2629.465882452.66588
Floating Panel Lh-black1575.328491398.52849
Brake Lever228.867287252.06728717
Sticker Floatin Panel Lh Ce154.8965494-21.90345062
4g Dongle Cable Retrofit3004.9153242828.115324
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly_fb1553.8154821377.015482
Ftsl Lh1253.8395231077.039523
Ftsl Rh1396.1654711219.365471
Master Cylinder Lh1744.3084221567.508422
Floating Panel Lh_bk1575.0516691398.251669
Fairing Lh_bk2629.1890582452.389058
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly_bk2202.7846312025.984631
Portable Charger 12446.5157812269.71578
Secondary Belt3937.2115783760.411578
Indicator Switch 829.8869467653.0869467
Fender Rear Bottom1616.258571439.45857
Fender Rear Top1250.4781161073.678116
Switch Assembly Brake Lh324.8354711148.0354711
Rear View Mirror Lh Gen 3757.0729285580.2729285
Rear View Mirror Rh Gen 3757.1619069580.3619069
Cap Floor Side Cover Lh And Rh_bk373.8527015197.0527015
Primary Belt3197.6623843020.862384
Brake Pad Kit373.2496254196.4496254
Switch Assembly Brake Rh293.9995006117.1995006
Front Shroud Visor S/a - Flat Black1195.5487631018.748763
Switch Assembly Horn410.7392054233.9392054
Grab Handle1348.2060951171.406095
Fairing Lh_bk4550.2532124373.453212
Floor Side Cover Lh_bk4936.0834734759.283473
Main Link_sidestand1663.2787291486.478729
Tail Panel Lh_bk4431.5955284254.795528
Floating Panel Lh1100.776844923.9768445
Side Stand Main Link487.0233825310.2233825
Brake Lever Lh227.601816150.80181612
Floor Side Panel Lh1227.323951050.52395
Fairing Lh1480.4181611303.618161
Grip Lh341.4942111164.6942111
Float Panel Rh1100.776844923.9768445
Front Shroud Visor Sub Assembly1050.158002873.3580023
Rearview Mirror Assembly,rh721.1355278544.3355278
Brake Lever Rh227.601816150.80181612
Floor Side Panel Rh1227.323951050.52395
Cap,floor Side Cover,rh328.8395006152.0395006
Fairing Rh1480.4181611303.618161
Panel,tail Side,rh2239.7007952062.900795
Brake Lever Rh227.601816150.80181612
Rearview Mirror Assembly,rh721.1355278544.3355278
Floor Side Panel Rh1227.323951050.52395
Floor Board328.8395006152.0395006
Floating Panel,rh1100.776844923.9768445
Start Switch Assembly468.0413167291.2413167

If any part is missing in the given Okinawa Lite list, you can find it through comments of our Lite scooter spare parts page.

Okinawa Lite all Parts Catalog PDF!

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Okinawa Lite all parts are not shown in the above price list, you can check them by directly visiting the official website of Okinawa Lite , click on the given link:- Official Site.


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Disclaimer:- If any mistake is found in the Okinawa Lite all parts information given by our page, we do not take any responsibility for the same as this Lite Scooter Spare Parts price list keeps changing from time to time, so if you want See new price. So for that you have to visit the official website of Okinawa Lite scooter!

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