Harley Davidson Softail Standard Price, Photos, Service Manual & OEM Parts

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By Kumar Ravi

Today you will find here an overview of Harley Davidson Softail Standard along with a motorcycle parts service manual pdf and price list in an excel sheet, for this, you can take the help of the table of contents.

Softail Standard – Cruiser SERIES

This is the standard model in Cruiser SERIES but it is a very luxurious model, its look is made in a very attractive form, due to which people like to buy it more and one of the main reasons is the low price, that is why people buy it is liking.


2023 Harley Davidson Softail Standard PRICE

This price list of Harley Davidson Softail Standard is subject to change if you add the below-mentioned features then this price will be applicable if you prefer to buy the bike with normal features otherwise it will change as per the below-mentioned price

What is the high mileage for a Softail Standard 2023- Usually, the high mileage for a Harley Davidson Softail Standard is anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 miles for all different kinds of bikes


  • Artists & customizers are in love with the old-school look.
  • The City cruises or light touring with a low-slung stance.
  • Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine and easy reach bars.

Available Colors:- One – Vivid Black.

  • MSRP: $14,399 USD / $17,399 CAD
    • Pricing Info
  • ABS OPTION: $950
  • FREIGHT: $700
  • More Info Visit- Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Softail Standard MOTORCYCLE VIDEO OVERVIEW?

You can see the look of the Harley Davidson Softail Standard through the video, in this video, all angles of the motorcycle are shown.

Credit to -@Orlando Harley-Davidson

You may need motorcycle parts in the future, so we have included parts in this post, with the help of which you will be able to know the rate of parts here you will also be able to buy through the link and how much will be the replacement charge. find parts to replace.


Harley Davidson Softail Standard -OEM PARTS PRICE LIST.

For shopping, you click on the buy link and when you go to the website then wait for a while for the logo of Harley Davidson then click on the logo you have to select your motorcycle, and then you can buy all kinds of parts.

AIR FILTER $ 23.95 Buy $ 5.01
BATTERY $ 145.95 Buy $ 8.01
CLUTCH LEVER $ 44.67 Buy $ 5.01
CLUTCH PLATE KIT $ 243.95 Buy $ 60.01
CLUTCH CABLE $ 129.35 Buy $ 5.01
OIL FILTER $ 15.95 Buy $ 15.01
HANDLEBAR $ 192.19 Buy $ 50.01
SPARK PLUG $ 5.95 Buy $ 2.01
FRONT BRAKE PAD KIT $ 65.95 Buy $ 50.01
REAR BRAKE PAD KIT $ 60.95 Buy $ 60.01
FRONT BRAKE LEVER $ 33.21 Buy $ 5.01
BRAKE PEDAL $ 122.27 Buy $ 65.01
CYLINDER & PISTON KIT $ 241.76 Buy $ 1,580.01
VALVE $ 43.75 Buy $ 560.01
MUFFLER $ 384.98 Buy $ 80.01
FRONT FENDER $ 404.80 Buy $ 75.01
REAR FENDER $ 522.13 Buy $ 110.01
FORK ASY,LH $ 464.39 Buy $ 150.01
FORK ASY,RH $ 464.39 Buy $ 150.01
FUEL TANK $ 725.08 Buy $ 25.01
CABLE, THROTTLE CONTROL $ 135.14 Buy $ 10.01
HEADLAMP ASY $ 496.88 Buy $ 30.01
HORN ASY $ 30.70 Buy $ 5.01
MIRROR,RH $ 43.95 Buy $ 5.01
MIRROR,LH $ 43.95 Buy $ 5.01
SEAT $ 290.61 Buy $ 15.01
STARTER MOTOR $ 279.89 Buy $ 100.01
TURN SIGNAL LED SET REAR $ 227.17 Buy $ 30.01
TURN SIGNAL -SET FRONT $ 96.38 Buy $ 20.01
TIRE FRONT $ 177.95 Buy $ 80.01
WHEELS, FRONT $ 606.43 Buy $ 140.01
TIRE REAR $ 246.95 Buy $ 80.01
WHEELS, REAR $ 606.43 Buy $ 160.01

If any part is missing then you can search the website by clicking on the direct link, however, if you are facing any kind of problem then you can contact us via email, and we will help you in 24 hours.

Harley Davidson Softail Standard – Accessories.

Apart from parts if you want to buy some accessories like helmets, hand gloves, jackets, etc then you can go through below direct link.

Download Softail Standard-Service Manual PDF for free.

Here you can download for free Harley Davidson Softail Standard Service Manual PDF, you can also print this PDF.

[pdf id=’393219′]

Contact us if you are not satisfied with the Harley Davidson Softail Standard Price, Photos, Service Manual & OEM Parts – Contact Us



Harley Davidson Softail standard price, service manual pdf, and parts list have been shared by us on this page, which will help you in maintaining the motorcycle.

Still, if you are not satisfied with the information given by us, then please comment in which you can share your problem.

Thank You Very Much For Reading This Harley Davidson Softail Standard Page Till The End.

Disclaimer:- The above Harley Davidson Softail Standard OEM Parts price is approximate, it may differ in your city. Please visit the official website and the link provided for the exact cost.

Topic Closed- Harley Davidson Softail Standard Price, Photos, Service Manual & OEM Parts.

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