Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price List – 2023

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Tata Nexon Spare Parts Engine Parts Electrical Parts Body Parts Brake & Suspension Interior Parts & Service Price List is available on all variants of Tata Nexon.

Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price List PAGE

Tata Nexon all old models now include a price list here you will find all types of parts and this price list is the latest price rate this is the price list of all genuine parts.


Mahindra Bolero Parts Are Available At Many Places But The Price List Is Very Less, Although It Has Been Seen On Many Websites That A Small List Is Given In The Name Of Price List, We Have Brought The Complete Price List For You, Off Price List Can Read Through The Excel Sheet Given Below.

Tata Nexon Spare Parts Shorts List

The complete price list of Tata Nexon is available below, you will be able to read through the excel sheet below..

Engine Parts
Radiator₹ 6,728.00
Intercooler₹ 7,996.00
Timing Chain₹ 2,818.00
Spark Plug₹ 576.00
Electric Parts
Head Light (Left or Right )₹ 6,871.00
Tail Light (Left or Right)₹ 2,951.00
Fog Lamp Assembly₹ 2,750.00
Bulb₹ 200.00
Fog Lamp (Left Or Right)₹ 6,347.00
Combination Switch₹ 1,978.00
Horn₹ 588.00
Body Parts
Front Bumper₹ 1,921.00
Rear Bumper₹ 2,048.00
Front Windshield Glass₹ 11,311.00
Rear Windshield Glass₹ 11,311.00
Fender (Left or Right)₹ 4,278.00
Head Light (Left or Right )₹ 6,871.00
Tail Light (Left or Right)₹ 2,951.00
Front Door Handle (Outer)₹ 1,537.00
Rear View Mirror₹ 17,920.00
Back Panel₹ 1,594.00
Fog Lamp Assembly₹ 2,750.00
Front Panel₹ 1,593.00
Bulb₹ 200.00
Fog Lamp (Left Or Right)₹ 6,347.00
Accessory belt₹ 1,082.00
Fuel Tank₹ 7,904.00
Side View Mirror₹ 5,888.00
Silencer Assly₹ 8,439.00
Horn₹ 588.00
Wipers₹ 747.00
Brakes & Suspension
Disc Brake Front₹ 2,618.00
Disc Brake Rear₹ 2,618.00
Shock Absorber Set₹ 3,313.00
Front Brake Pads₹ 2,890.00
Rear Brake Pads₹ 2,890.00
Service Parts
Oil Filter₹ 702.00
Air Filter₹ 408.00
Fuel Filter₹ 4,162.00

Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price LIST – read here.

This price list is a complete price list from here you can search and read which will save you time all tata nexon parts price list is available here.


In case the given excel sheet is taking time to load then you can read here all spare parts of Tata Nexon via Excel Sheet.

Alloy Wheel 543840103804₹ 10,559.00
Mirror Indicator Right Right Side ₹ 900.00
Rear Door Seal Seal Left Side5438737111₹ 397.00
Quarter Panel Gliding Gliding Left Side5438631125₹ 514.00
Fender Gliding Front Left 5438881117₹ 489.00
Front Wheel Arch Right Right 543888506342₹ 241.00
Oil Filter 279018130106₹ 192.00
Head Lamp Left Side 5438544161₹ 9,403.00
Head Lamp EV3.0 Left Side5438544158₹ 12,310.00
Bonet Rod ₹ 650.00
Tail Lamp Ev Left Side5438544168₹ 2,262.00
Front Fender Linning Linning XZ Right Side5438881141₹ 2,545.00
Fender XZ XZ Left Side 543888114430₹ 3,791.00
Head Lamp Ev Right Side5438544159₹ 12,310.00
Front Bumper EV 543888506375₹ 8,093.00
Front Fender Cladding Cladding Right Side5460881102C7₹ 655.00
Access Cover Tail Tail Lamp Left Side543869106380₹ 97.00
Shocker Mount ₹ 750.00
Mirror With Idicator 7 7 Wire Right Side₹ 4,500.00
Rear Bumper Clading Clading Right Side546088606304₹ 250.00
5460637104C7 Rear Fender Clading Clading Right Side ₹ 700.00
Front Shocker Right Side5438323114₹ 2,735.00
Front Shocker Left Side5438323115₹ 2,735.00
Air Filter Assembly Assembly 572409130110₹ 4,302.00
Balla Mounting ₹ 2,000.00
Monogram Set ₹ 1,150.00
Monogram ₹ 1,500.00
Brake Pad Front 29932906₹ 1,733.00
Clutch Bearing Petrol Petrol ₹ 3,500.00
M2N3G1322 Rear Shocker ₹ 2,243.00
AF4151PU Air Filter ₹ 410.00
Fender Lining Rear Left Side543888210109₹ 1,148.00
Fender Lining Right Side5438881113₹ 2,545.00
Rear Wiper Arm With With Blade ₹ 550.00
Rear Bumper Bracket Bracket Right Side5438886109₹ 330.00
Rear Bumper Bracket Bracket Left Side5438886114₹ 132.00
Rear Bumper Bracket Bracket Right Side5438886115₹ 132.00
M2N3G8356 Front Shocker ₹ 2,817.00
Lower Arm Left Side5438321112₹ 2,266.00
Head Light Left Side 5438544101₹ 6,153.00
Rear Bumper Bracket Left Side 5438886108₹ 330.00
Reverse Parking Sensor Sensor 287054209941₹ 2,580.00
Back Panel 5438612101₹ 2,812.00
Dicci 543874210330₹ 12,128.00
Fuel Return Pipe Pipe 543842810153₹ 355.00
Return Pipe 543842810154₹ 329.00
Door Rear Rear Right Side 543873210230₹ 12,639.00
Door Moulding Rear Left Side5438737111₹ 366.00
Door Bidding Front Left Side5438727111₹ 366.00
Rear Wiper Blade Blade 5438824156₹ 686.00
Dicci Balancer Rod Rod 5438743102₹ 425.00
Inter Cooler 5724146114₹ 827.00
Quater Panel Clading Clading Left Side5438637125₹ 7,334.00
Fender Glading Right 5438637126 5438637126 5438637126₹ 513.00
Quarter Panel Cliding Right Side 5438637126₹ 513.00
Fuel Pump Petrol 5438471121₹ 11,315.00
Rear Bumper With Sensor543888606303₹ 6,162.00
Rear Wheel Arch Arch Left Side543888210101₹ 604.00
Rear Fender Lining Lining Right Side543888210106₹ 604.00
Rear Fender Lining Lining Left Side543888210105₹ 604.00
Rear Bumper Guard Guard Left Side543888606311₹ 204.00
Rear Bumper Wheel Wheel Guard Right Side543888606312₹ 204.00
Reflector Left Side 543854409901₹ 151.00
Reflector Right Side 543854409902₹ 151.00
Head lamp Left With DRL5438544132₹ 11,498.00
Upper Grille 543888506359₹ 1,548.00
Crossmember Upper 5438622112₹ 1,718.00
Front Bumper 543888506315₹ 5,338.00
Hood 543888710230₹ 8,621.00
Bonet Hinge Right 5438887108₹ 489.00
Front Bumper Chrome Chrome 543888506325₹ 1,518.00
Condensor 2871834110₹ 8,973.00
Fender Left Left 5438881117₹ 3,094.00
Dicci Lamp Left Left5438544118₹ 1,962.00
Hand Rest Handle 543869506320CC₹ 600.00
Panel Glading Left 5438737111₹ 366.00
Front Bumper Bracket Left Left 5438885115₹ 202.00
Front Bumper Bracket Right Right 5438885116₹ 202.00
Front Wheel Arch Left Left 543888506341₹ 241.00
Cladding Front Fender Right Right 5438881118₹ 466.00
Front Bumper 543888506315₹ 5,338.00
Streeing 141080302₹ 10,500.00
Front Bumper 543888506315₹ 5,338.00
Fender lining Front Front LEFT 5438881140₹ 2,545.00
Running Board Cover Left Left 543B637127₹ 1,495.00
Fender Left without without Hole 543888110130₹ 2,971.00
Head Lamp Left Left 5438544D0101₹ 5,908.00
Oil Filter 571518130101₹ 164.00
Air Filter 571509130113₹ 470.00
Reflactor Right 54385409902₹ 450.00
Air Fillter 572409130144₹ 655.00
Fuel Filter 572409110108₹ 1,252.00

Though all spare parts of Tata Nexon are available in an excel sheet still if any spare parts are not visible then you can contact us for the same either through a comment or through this mail id.

Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price List PDF – Download Here.

Tata Nexon all spare parts like body parts engine parts accessories parts other parts are included inside this pdf you can download it from here and take a printout and use it.



Contact us if you are not satisfied with the Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price List – Contact Us

Tata Cars Official Website – LINK



Hope you have been able to read the excel sheet of all spare parts of Tata Nexon through this page and also download the PDF.

Thank You Very Much For Reading This Tata Nexon Spare Parts Page Till The End.

Disclaimer:- The above Tata Nexon Spare Parts Price is approximate, it may differ in your city. Please visit the official website and the link provided for the exact cost.

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