Hero Timing Chain Price List – All Models (C)

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Here you will be told about the rate of Hero’s timing chain, through which you will be able to understand what the rates of timing chain going on in the market and save yourself from the fraud of mechanics!

Scroll down to see the Hero Timing Chain Price List of India Price.


Hero’s duplicate parts are also available in the market, so whenever you go to get Hero’s original parts installed locally, keep in mind that why someone is giving you less than this rate because that product can be duplicated!

Original Hero Single Timing Chain Price Here

Hero Timing Chain Price List 2023 - All Bike Models (C).csv

Hero Splendor Plus₹ 130₹ 120₹ 99
Hero HF Deluxe₹ 130₹ 120₹ 99
Hero Passion Plus₹ 130₹ 120₹ 99
Hero Glamour 125₹ 200₹ 190₹ 99
Hero Super Splendor₹ 130₹ 120₹ 99
Hero Splendor iSmart₹ 150₹ 130₹ 99
Hero Splendor NXG₹ 150₹ 130₹ 99
Hero Passion Pro 110₹ 200₹ 190₹ 99
Hero Passion PRO i3s₹ 150₹ 130₹ 99
Hero Passion Xpro₹ 180₹ 169₹ 99
Hero Passion PRO₹ 180₹ 169₹ 99
Hero Splendor iSmart 110₹ 200₹ 190₹ 99
Super Splendor 125₹ 200₹ 190₹ 99
Hero Dawn 125₹ 180₹ 160₹ 99
Hero XPulse 200₹ 300₹ 249₹ 149
Hero Xtreme 160R₹ 180₹ 160₹ 99
Hero Glamour Xtec₹ 150₹ 140₹ 99
Hero HF 100₹ 130₹ 120₹ 99
Hero Xtreme 200S₹ 300₹ 249₹ 149
Hero XPulse 200T₹ 300₹ 249₹ 149

If you wish to know the latest timing chain price of all Hero motorcycle models, you need to click the image “GET FREE” and then fill out the form after which the PDF will be downloaded!

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5 Tips: – These messages will come before the timing chain gets damaged!?


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“This information is sourced from Spare Parts Market This information is 99% accurate Remember this information is not from an authorized service center”

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