Tvs Silencer Price List – All Bike Models

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Today through this post you will be able to know about the rate of TVS Original Silencer and you will also be able to download it through PDF and read through an excel sheet.

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Disclaimer:-We is not responsible for any errors found in this price list, please select the product according to your market!


Note: – Most people use local silencers as they are in everyone’s budget. If you have a budget and want to buy genuine TVS silencers then you can read this price list and then buy from the market.

Tvs Silencer Price List for all Tvs Motorcycle Models is Available Below

” You can read this Tvs Silencer price list with the help of an excel sheet and also download it in pdf by clicking on the download button ”

Download Here:- it’s a completely free process

If you don’t want to download PDF then you can read it below given excel sheet!


Original Tvs Silencer Price >

If you do not want to buy the original Tvs silencer, you can use the cheaper one instead, for example, the Tvs Sport Low-Quality silencer costs only ₹1450 while the original Tvs silencer costs ₹4560.

  1. India Price > Starting From- ₹ 3,550 to ₹ 21,900/*
  2. South Africa Price > Starting From- R9,940.00 to R61,320.00/*
  3. Nepal Price > Starting From- रु 7,810.00 to  रु 48,180.00/*
  4. Bangladesh Price > Starting From- 8,875.00৳ to 54,750.00৳/*
  5. Pakistan Price > Starting From- Rs 7,100.00 to Rs 43,800.00/*
  6. USA Price > Starting From- $236.67 to $1,460.00/*

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APPLICABILITY BIKE MODELS:-TVS Sport, TVS Apache RR 310, TVS Apache RTR 160, TVS XL 100 Comfort, TVS Radeon, TVS Star City Plus, TVS Victor, TVS Apache RTR 180, TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty, TVS Raider 125, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, TVS Apache RTR 165 RP, TVS Rockz, TVS Max 125, TVS Neo XR, TVS Ronin, TVS Max 125 Semi-Trail.

How To Install Motorcycle Silencers (Exhaust) At Home?

Through this video, you can understand how to change the Tvs bike Silencer. Please play the video!

Credit to- RevZilla


  1. HOW TO WORK –The silencer controls both pollution and noise pollution as the smoke from the Tvs motorcycle is released through it, thereby reducing its pressure, i.e. this type of process does not cause noise pollution.
  2. FAILURE SYMPTOMS- Although the silencers are very rarely damaged, the main reason for failure is that the engine is not repaired after the engine failure due to which OIL accumulates in the silencer, Often people fill the silencer with water while washing the Tvs motorcycle, and parking the bike unnecessarily in the rain.

CAUTION– If you do not change the silencer on time, then this silencer of yours will challan the Tvs motorcycle.

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